Subjects offered

We offer grinds in a wide variety of Junior and Leaving Certificate subjects in the student's family home. These subjects include: Maths, English, Irish, French, History, Geography, Science, Economics, Applied Maths, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Classical Studies, Italian, Japanese, Music, Religious Education, and Spanish.



We teach students to learn and study with a Growth Mindset. This approach helps students to learn more successfully as they come to understand the importance of effort, are taught to embrace challenges, and experience their own resilience in the face of setbacks.

Mindset is an idea discovered by Stanford University psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck. A Growth Mindset holds that basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work, creating a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for accomplishment. A Fixed Mindset, on the other hand, teaches that basic qualities like intelligence or talent are established traits. This approach says that talent alone—without effort—created success, encouraging students to document their talent instead of working to grow.

   Skills and knowledge are predetermined.


Skills and knowledge are predetermined.

   Anything can be learned with effort. 


Anything can be learned with effort. 


Research shows that students with a Growth Mindset reach higher levels of achievement than students with Fixed Mindset beliefs and practices.



Our tutors have outstanding academic track records and a wide range of experience. Of even more importance than their own achievements is their ability to impart knowledge and a passion for their subjects. Working with any member of our team will empower you child to become an independent, lifelong learner.


meet some of our tutors

Tutoring: Maths, Physics, Applied Maths, Economics. 

No. of Years: Tim has been tutoring for 6 years.

Tim Wyse

After several years of privately tutoring secondary school students, Tim joined the Conexus Educate team in 2015. 

While studying for his degree in Mathematics and Economics at Trinity College Dublin, Tim returned to teach a Maths class in his old school, Gonzaga College.

"I can help anyone do well at Junior and Leaving Cert maths, but I really just want them to love the subject. Their academic success always follows their interest."


Tutoring: Irish, French, English. 

No. of Years: Sophie has been tutoring for 2 years.

Sophie Hughes

Sophie graduated in Irish and French from UCD and went on to study for a Professional Masters in Education at Trinity College.

Her encouraging style and in-depth knowledge of the school curricula means that Sophie is one of our busiest tutors.  

"I want to help students find a way of learning that really works for them. It's not the hours that they put in, but the quality of the study and the focus that they maintain that counts."