Conexus Educate is comprised of teachers, guidance counsellors and psychologists. We work with groups of students, parents and teaching staff, delivering seminars that engage the academic and emotional development of students. 


Patrick Boland – Founder & Training Director

Patrick has spent over a decade working as an educator, management consultant and executive coach with organisations ranging from Gonzaga College to Deloitte to Google. In founding Conexus Educate he sought to bring the psychological learning approaches of Growth Mindset and Resilience Coaching into the fields of Career Guidance and wellbeing seminars for students, teachers and parents. From his own Masters research and his nine years spent in university education (UCD, TCD, DCU, NUIM), he understands the central importance of students having an approachable and trusted adult to facilitate conversations around wellbeing, meaningful relationships, courses of study and plans for the future.


Rob Lewis - Educational Director

Rob is the Training Director at Conexus Educate. With a background in Youth Work and Social Care, as well as studies in psychology and psychotherapy, Rob designs and delivers holistic training seminars and retreats. He is passionate about bringing mindfulness and nature-based stress reduction training to parents, teachers and students alike. In all of Rob’s seminars he seeks to help adolescents and adults alike to pursue healthy relationships and learn how to fully engage with their inner world and with each other. This, he believes, is the basis upon which great learning can best be facilitated.



Oscar's background  in the world of Sales & Marketing has fed his passion for communication. As general manager at Conexus Educate, he wants to facilitate the discovery and nurturing of a deep passion for learning in every student. With a love of languages himself, Oscar has a history of teaching English and Irish, and is a former TEFL teacher. He feels that learning a language exemplifies the Growth Mindset, as incremental growth can be seen each day.